Monday, November 26, 2012

Snowman Style ! ( Snowman Creator Flash Game )

You can create your own Snowman ! Enjoy ! ( The Game might take few minutes to load )

You like this Snowman ? Then send a postcard with him to your friends or buy them a small Snowman present  ! 

Here are the link to order  

1. Postcard Type A ( click to buy it

2. Postcard Type B ( click to buy it )

3. Small mug ( click to buy it )
4. Snowman Cup ( click to buy it )
5. Snowman Plate ( click to buy it )

6. Button ( click to buy it )

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Hobbit - Dwarf Quiz

I created this short game to help you memories the names of the dwarves from  The Hobbit !
Hope you enjoy it !

Tips for Playing : Try giving also the wrong answer in order to see what the dwarf reaction will be . If you make a mistake you will be given a chance to go back to your current question  ( you won't have to restart from the beginning ) .

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gaksital / 각시탈 ( Bridal Mask ) Game

ABOUT  -  This game is based on the Korean TV Series "Bridal Mask" ( Gaksital / 각시탈 ) .Official web page ( link )

I really like this series , so I decided to make this game entirely for my own liking , while I was away on a holiday and had no Internet  to watch the new episodes .You can  watch this drama online now but you can also order the DVDs ( ones available )  from web pages such as or . I recommed it to you ! It has a great cast and interesting story .

Read HOW TO PLAY below the game 

PS The Game might need few minutes to load depending on your internet connection speed .

HOW TO PLAY - Using the arrows you can change the expression , hairstyle and clothes of the main character Lee Kang-To and you can also make him "interact" with other characters from the series ( unfortunately I didn't have time to draw more of them ) . Remember that it is very difficult to have more than two ( Kang-To and one more) characters interacting with each other . If you want to remove any of the character , press the "X" sign under their names.

Note -  you can make Kang To hold hands with each of the main characters - MokDan , Shunji or Ueno Rie ,  but only if you find the correct combination between them . 

Here is one challenge for you - make some situations with the characters , save the pictures ( using "print screen " button ) and write the dialog between the characters if you want . You don't need to know who they are ! Just try it out to create some sort of story ! If you do so , please send it to me ! It might be interesting to see different people interpretations ! Check the Gaksital Game Gallery here ! ( link ) 

Please , also share the game , if you like it !
I hope you will enjoy this game !